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London Pass is the best sightseeing and transit pass in London
The London Pass gets you free admission to top sights and attractions, free Underground and bus rides, discounts, a guidebook and app, and more. (Images courtesy of London Pass)

The best sightseeing discount card in London

Just a few of the sights covered by the London Pass:

Tower Of London
Tower Of London Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey Cruise the Thames
Thames cruise Shakespeares Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral
The London Pass grants free entry to more than 60 sights across London, including such top attractions as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the Churchill War Rooms, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, Kew Gardens, and London Transport Museum—as well as some nifty tours by bike, canal boat, and foot.

You essentially get £460 worth of attraction entry fees for one price that starts at just £17 per day.

Best part: you get to skip the long lines to get into some of the top sights and just waltz right up and in, like a sightseeing VIP.

You can also get discounts on everything from restaurants (including Porter's and Chor Bizarre), movies and West End musicals, and shopping.

There are London Passes valid for 1, 2, 3, or 6 days—at both adult prices (£47–£156) and discounted kids' prices (£30–£99), as detailed below under the "Details & prices," Tip below.

Please also read the "Tip" about the Travelcard option, in which you can get an unlimited-ride public transit pass along with the sightseeing on your London Pass.

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Details & prices
Days with transport
for all Zones 1-6
without transport
1 £56.00 £47.00
2 £82.00 £64.00
3 £104.00 £77.00
6 £156.00 £102.00
Children (age 5-15)
Days with transport
for all Zones 1-6
without transport
1 £34.00 £30.00
2 £53.00 £47.00
3 £63.00 £53.00
6 £99.00 £72.00


You can order the London Pass ahead of time at

After you order the card, you can either wait to pick it up for free at the kiosk in the traffic triangle on Charing Cross Road just north of the National Portrait Gallery, or have it shipped to you—which is the only way to get it to cover that ride into town from Heathrow airport.

Shipping prices are £2.95 within the U.K. (takes 3 working days—or £6.95 express in one day), £6.95 worldwide (allow 15 days; FedEx it in three days to the U.S., Europe, or Canada for £20, to elsewhere for £35).

Should I get the transport option?

If you upgrade to the Travelcard option you also get unlimited rides on all public transportation (Underground/Tube, bus, and light rail) throughout zones 1–6, which covers pretty much all of Greater London (55 square miles, all the way out to Heathrow Airport).

Is that a deal?

Not really.

Yes, it saves you the time and effort of going and getting a seperate Travelcard direct from the TFL (the London transit authority).

However, the Travelcard you get with most London Passes covers both more (of London) than you need and less (of time) than you need—and, all things being equal, costs a teensy bit more. Confused?

There are two aspects of the London transit system you need on know about before you make your decision: Zones and Off Peak travel.

  • Off Peak: An Off-peak pass merely means you cannot use it before 9:30am on a weekday. Any other time (and weekends) is fine. Frankly, for most visitors, this is not much of a hardship unless you are an early riser (just do something local first thing and wait to grab a ride until after rush hour).
  • Zones. Greater London is divided into concentric circles of transit zones. Except for Heathrow Airport (which is in zone 6), most visitors to London will never venture beyond Zones 1–2. Even most far-flung outlying sights, like Greenwich and Hampstead Heath, are in Zone 2. (Notable exception: Hampton Court Palace is in Zone 6.)

    It also helps to know that there are two main options for getting to Heathrow Airport: a 45-minute Tube ride (covered by a zones 1–6 pass; £5–£5.70 otherwise) and a 15-minute Heathrow Express train (£20, not covered by any pass). If you choose that slower Underground ride, a zones 1–6 pass might make sense. If you plan to take the express train, zones 1-2 will be plenty.

OK, here is how those two elements affect your decision when it comes to the London Pass transit option. First, let's look first at the 1, 2, and 3-day versions of the London Pass, because the 6-day version differs slightly.

The Travelcard you get with a London Pass is an Off Peak pass covering zones 1–6. So it covers more of London than you probably need, and only works after 9:30am. Remember: it costs £9. Were you to go direct to the TFL and buy an Oystercard, you would save at least 60p per day—if you travel Off Peak, you'd save at least £2:

Oystercard price caps Anytime Off Peak
Zones 1–2 £8.40 £7
Zones 1–6 £15.80 £8.50

OK, I said that the six-day pass is different. For one thing, the sightseeing part only lasts for six days but it actually comes with a 7-day Travelcard for an extra £54—and it's the full, anytime version, not just Off Peak; you can ride the bus or Tube at any hour.

To buy this same, 7-day zones 1–6 Travelcard direct from TFL would cost £57.20. So this time, the London Pass version comes at a savings of £6.20.

However, remember our true zone needs. There is also a 7-day Travelcard from TFL covering just zones 1–2 for £31.40.

So anyone planning to take Heathrow Express would clearly do better buying that cheaper, 7-day zones 1–2 Travelcard direct.

But let's say you still plan to take the cheaper, slow ride to and from Heathrow—plus you plan to visit Hampton Court.

With the 6-day London Pass, no problem: you ride for free to all. Total cost: £54.

If you opt for a 7-day zones 1–2 Travelcard direct (£31.40), you would then have to put a bit of pay-as-you-go money on the Oystercard to cover the extra expense to travel from zone 2 to zone 6, which would be £2.70 peak or £1.50 of-peak each way. (Don't worry; any unusued PAYG money gets refunded when you return the card.) Let's assume one way is peak, the other off-peak. That's another £4.20 each for Heathrow and Hampton Court. Total: £39.80. Much cheaper than £54.

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